“Hey! Ho! Fossil Fuels Have Got to Go!” — World Sees Largest Climate March in History Amidst Mounting Dangers

No matter who “profits” from destruction. We only have one Earth.


According to the National Climate Data Center, the summer of 2014 was the hottest in the global record. It was a season of record wildfires, sea surface temperatures far above the 20th Century average, and of record droughts and rainfall events around the globe. And it was a year in which the ability of nations to provide food for the world’s seven billion and growing population amidst a mounting tally of extreme droughts and floods was called increasingly into question.

On Sunday September 24, 2014, the ever-more alarmed people of the world responded.

In New York City, an estimated 410,000 took to the streets to protest the broad failure by global governments and businesses to effectively respond to the growing threat of an ever-increasing fossil fuel emission that is rapidly pushing Earth toward a dangerous hothouse environment. In London, nearly 50,000 protesters gathered as Melbourne, Australia saw 30,000 climate…

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The Pain in Peace

The Pain in Peace.

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Just this. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot and the Social Contract

10599128_755403821183936_1056232566399866651_nThere is a video going around that gives me chills. It’s not due to the graphic nature of the video. I think I’m beginning to become as numb as the rest of the world. My heart hurts for it when I see it and I do my best to spread good in my own circle of the world to try to keep the ground from sliding further into the decay that we see around us. The media the tells us that the qualities of love and acceptance are losing ground to oppression and consumerism. That love for others and community is losing ground to jobs that destroy our way of life and enslave us to becoming dependent upon it to survive. Some of us are doing well. We build houses and dreams on what is and turn a blind eye as those “below” us slide further into despair. Looking forward, not feeling but fearing of the pit that we won’t see if we don’t look down. Just because we don’t acknowledge the problem doesn’t mean that there isn’t one to see. I don’t know about you but I’d rather fight the battle while I have the advantage than wait until the desperate sink ships as more begin to drown. That’s right, it’s “We”. We are in the bigger picture. We’re individuals of a whole. It’s this diversity that keeps us alive through plagues, innovation and necessity. You never know who you’re going to need and what situations needed to be overcome for them to have the ability to help you, should you so need it. Don’t judge. We each have our own paths to travel. Some prefer to take paths that have been tested. Some forge their own paths due to vision or necessity.

Back to the video, why does it bother me so much? We grow up with the rules of the social contract of our society. Bad people get in trouble and go to jail. Do wrong and you’re going to be held accountable to your actions. No one is above the law. This video bothers me because it’s a take on how the world is being viewed today. I’m hard pressed to contradict it.

This video shows us examples that are running rampant in social media. The idea that there is no fair in the world today. That justice can be bought through monetary or popular affiliations. We’re being told that those who create the laws only do so to take advantage of us. We’re told that those who enforce the laws are breaking them. As citizens we grew up thinking that no matter who you are, what your crime, color or religion that we are to equal and assured of our rights. Hands up and a peaceful discourse should lead to a peaceful arrest. Today it seems that breaking the law or seeming to break the law is enough cause for us to be targeted by the police for any number of brutalities from rape, to coercion, to murder and being cannibalized. The bind eye of police brotherhood has shown that those assurances that we had grown up with that rules must be followed for our own safety and the rules of those who protect us no longer hold true.

One example in the video is the “Hands up” gesture. When used this gesture means that no matter your crime, color or offense that you will be peacefully taken to jail so that the law can be served so long as you don’t put up a fight. That we’re innocent until proven guilty by law, evidence, a group of our peers. Kids no longer want to grow up to be police officers as often as they had in the past. The teens that speak to me now are vigilant, watchful and wary of police. The police are likewise wary of their citizens. It’s becoming a cycle of fear aggravated and escalated by the use of force. Each time the police do nothing to stop each other we can’t help but see it as being condoned by the whole.

Where are the videos of one cop stopping another cop in the act? Those are the videos that should go viral. Those are the ones we need to see if there’s any hope of losing ground but for that to happen, it has to happen. It has to spread like a treatment to counter the disease we see. We’re going to lose a generation to despair and the idea that our treatment is not due to our own actions but rather by the lack of accountability, responsibility and fear of those who should protect us that we now are beginning to fear. Well, not me. It doesn’t have to happen to me for me to see where this is going to go. I’m just glad that in our own support, here in Gainesville, the crowd of support was as mixed as it was united and the Chief of Police was sincere in his letter that his department is here to “serve each and every person in the City Of Gainesville”. I hope your officers can say and have displayed the same.

It’s a dangerous time to be a police officer. The way things are headed right now it seems that now is the time to have those who truly hope to serve and protect to find each other and stand up for the integrity of their position. There is a bright side out there. Every one of us has a spark of it. We can use it to add to the light or start a fire. It’s all in how we use our individual energy. I’m sharing the video underneath this piece. It is graphic. You can fester in hate or be part of the change that save us. It seems that it couldn’t save the rapper :(, but that just proves that there needs to be a change.

Hold true to peace and the best of who we are. No matter what comes, if even the smallest seed of the qualities that we treasure survive; we win. Together, just this.




The Video that began my rant today

– J-Jon, C.O.P. Criminals of Permission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_wMTrVfv8c
-Sad Follow up on the rapper of that video: http://lilwaynelogic.co/17-year-old-boy-makes-a-song-about-police-brutality-one-week-later-he-goes-missing-and-found-dead-on?v=324C4zm8jwHFp6BpADi7FUMB1xuGni0fO&page=2
Follow up;

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The More We Give

I had held myself back, you know? When first we met. I had been hurt and though I was venturing out I hadn’t quite found myself.  Indeed I doubted that I ever would. I was such a fleeting thing. I was wherever a smile or wink of an eye held me and I called it home. I was anywhere other than the dark spaces where I had crawled after I had hurt.  Every sparkle of the world was just out of my grasp and so entranced me and my thoughts into want that I had shunned it and dreamed of a better world,. alone where I had only myself to blame.  Where people could look past me and past my own blame.  There must be something wrong with me, I thought. I lived, I breathed with a smile on but living, not.

Then I met you, like a wisp of dream and for just a moment my smile flashed as though you were mine. For that moment, you were and so was I and flash, it was gone. You were out of sight, intrigued. I was in my mind wishing for,. wanting,. That shield. That protected me from pain. Then you came again. A breezed hello, what of the day and we spoke. I don’t know how long we talked but that time was an eternity of exchange.  You engaged me in conversation and drew me in with every breath.  I didn’t know then that you were hoping, too. That you had thought yourself awkward and strange, like me, in your own way. We didn’t have time to question then. Our insecurities were shushed and watching, hoping just the same. We set up our roadblocks and not even thinking we moved them back. We rode the moment for what it was, first a trickle, then a flood but both of us giving a bit more of who we were with every breath. That’s what I had been missing. That’s what had never felt quite right.  Where those who were that had given all that they were to steal my heart. Where their intent had rushed right in and crashed upon me to force an echo, we found our beat. I give a little. You give a little. Back and forth with every action and every breath. 

It was our first meeting then and after all this time it’s as though we have never left.    


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No experiment is ever a failure if you learn from it. Now, I’ve come home.

This is just a hello, friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Indeed, I had almost forgotten that I have posted anything.  In my mind though, I’ve written and rewritten countless blogs of the workplace, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working, on helping teenagers who are reintroducing themselves back into the school system from a few years of homeschooling, on the benefits from joining community theater for a go and finding a sense of play between my hubby and I that allowed us to explore emotion and mannerisms.  I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog now.  I have time for that now. The experiment that I have undertaken was rewarding in it’s own way. I accomplished my goals and when I had done so I stayed on and it took a twist of fate (and ankle) to set me back on my path to pen.  I’m sorry, Computer.  You know I need you but it’s the stroke of pen to paper that calls me and sets my mind free. It’s you, my fellow bloggers, readers that are the droplets of literary eloquence set on course in a murmuring, bubbling flow that allow me the comforting company to expose my thoughts for us to see.  Thank you all.  I’ve missed you.

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Onyx – My Zen Dog

Onyx - My Zen Dog

I just wanted to say how much I love my dog, Onyx. For anyone who has ever met him they know him to be a goofball pony with a heart bigger than he is. He loves nothing more than to hold someone’s hand as they look into his eyes and I’m thankful for this. He’s my Zen dog.

He knows when I’m only halfheartedly paying attention and he taps me to remind me to focus on him, now, because this is the moment that we have together. He’s also my running partner and my best friend. He is a rescue who came to us from a home where he was only allowed “out” for half an hour a day from his dog crate in the garage. The family that had him meant well. They rescued him from a kill shelter as he was due to be put down because he and his littermates and his father were deemed “too big” to find homes after they were given up because his mother had been hit by a car. I am grateful to them for saving him and for knowing that they couldn’t offer him the life he deserved. His “out” was the front door, left open wide for him to run and roam for his half hour of freedom and to this day, it’s his cue to bolt so we watch the front door cautiously. Our caution reminds us how much we love him and how grateful we are to share our lives with him.

I just wanted to post this while I was thinking about it, before anything happens to remind me of how lucky I am before he gets into the trash again. (We’re getting the door together tomorrow.)

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Love to Learn

Love to Learn 

We find ourselves by accident.  We stumble into who we are blindly. We are prodded along by the calendar year from birth to death in suppositions of role and age. We find ourselves as the product of our environments in blame and thanks but often quite unaware of our own morals and self-worth until reflection. How sad this is that we are forced to learn p_00184instead of learning to live.  How can we find our place in a system that has little place for us?  The free thinkers, the laborious learners, the swift and the differently minded are left to wonder at the necessity of testing for something they’ve yet to learn.  How can we remember without a memory of having learned? How many of us have tested and passed without the understanding to recognize and manipulate the tool we were given?

It wasn’t until I had to start homeschooling my kids that I really understood what it was that they were trying to teach me the first time and I was an honor roll student when I could attend school.  Now my daughter has returned to school and come home again because she didn’t like being lectured on what she could research for herself. It’s my duty to expose her to situations to inquire into fields that she would otherwise avoid. Math and Science have their place, my child.  All that I can do is tailor the presentation so you can see how it can serve your objectives.  This is what we have the time for now.  This is what we can give you.  All I can do is present the opportunity, the plan, the first step and the desire to see it through, but you have to ask.

Do you have in you the desire to pursue a dream?

If you do, great. Continue.

If you do not.  Stop here.  You will help another achieve their dream instead.  There’s nothing wrong with this. I could do this. I have done this. I have been perfectly content doing this but I love to learn and what is the purpose of learning without application? Good luck. I hope you find what you seek.

Where do you want to go?  If the acquisition of wealth is your goal you’d do best to stop here. I’m not rich unless you count my friends. I can be myself with them and they accept me not for what I can do for them but who I am. Who I am is what I can do for them. I’m a helpful person and I’m versatile but I’ve only become so versatile because of helping my friends. Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn?  How you can use it to make you money is a matter of appreciating the value of your inexperience and your desire to create something new, something “you”.  Priceless.

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