On Veterans Day – Thank you is not enough by George Steven O’Brien

-George Steven O’Brien
To all of my friends,family and all who have served.On this side of the pond or the other. In this world or in that of light. For some of you are no longer here. Your sacrifice is not forgotten. To trade a life of comfort and company for that of metal, noise, violence and fire. For a cause bigger than yourself. I honor you.
The act of War itself, contradicts my very being and beliefs. Yet, I can only Honor you. To put yourself in that kind of an environment, where the potential for death and horror own the passing seconds and can strike at anytime. And when, once witnessed and endured, burn themselves into your soul and cloak you in the fabric of nightmares. I honor you. You do this to protect that which you hold dear and love without limit.
To be able to shed the ” One thousand yard stare”, just for a moment and look into the eyes of a child. Take their hands and scare monsters from their closet and when you whisper to them ” It’s Ok.” They believe you. And when you say” I Love You.” There is no doubt. You didn’t just say it, you showed it. While all of the time, demons are clawing down your door. Demons that no one can see or hear, but you. You danced with them, distracted them, told us to run and now they have you.
You did this for us. You did this because you believed it was right. This kind of strength escapes me. I honor you. Let us welcome the day, that these sorts of violent interactions are but a dark memory in the human story. I wish the Men in big houses, had to smell the fire, taste the copper and drown in the tears of all the broken hearts, who long for one more embrace, one more word, one more second, with those they so loved. Who where sent into the machine, valiant, but blind to the lies they were told. Let these Men in big houses, strap on blades and hit the arena. Let them project their madness upon each other and tear each other apart. I assure you, war would end tomorrow. All of the money wasted on these ridiculous cock comparisons, would heal all that are sick and feed all who are hungry. That is the world I want for all of the children and truly believe you do as well. You took an oath to protect us and it is our duty to also protect you. When you come back broken and the suits turn their backs on you, the suits in big houses. It is us who will step up. We will heal your wounds, listen to your stories, hold you and love you. We will chase the demons from your doors and remind you who you where, who you are and how deeply you are appreciated. When you are strong again we can stand together against the machine. Make this beautiful planet a home for us all. In peace. But first. Those big houses have many closets and there are monsters to deal with.
Telling you “Thank you is not enough. Let us show you. We honor you.
Your Son,
Your Brother,
Your Friend. -G.S.O’Brien

About Laura DeLucio Gross

The beauty of the word is the subconscious nature in which it finds it's way upon our lips or past our fingertips. The stroke of our fingers on a pen or a key or the softest breath carried past our lips have such an impact that friends, relatives and strangers can carry such words with them in their minds, to come along with us on a journey into our thoughts. In our darkest hours we must always remember to remain conscious that people have lived and died by words. I am a wife, mother, confidant and friend to many. There are no strangers in my world. Only friends that I have not yet had a chance to know. Sensually minded, self-educated, street wise, natural living, power tool wielding, minimalist mom with transcendental aspirations.
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