a sacred wish

m e i r o


silently known
laying in the corner of each heart
the greatest honor that bestowed
a basic concept of perfecting the harmony of life
like music, echoed around the world
you…, me… everyone has love
everyone are entitled to live in peace
and  sets us free to resonate in timeless harmony
speak the words of care to bring harmony to our earth
do not let it grow like a tree in the meadow
cluttered by the wind of ego
slowly dried the branches of feelings
or let them just go away
love is a word with deeper meaning of ideal reality
the example of bearer of the light
and be the admiration of all who follow
to shine like star at the dark night of hatred
there’s an inner voice whispering clear to our ears
there’s a sacred sense beating in our hearts
closer and true than we realize

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About Laura DeLucio Gross

The beauty of the word is the subconscious nature in which it finds it's way upon our lips or past our fingertips. The stroke of our fingers on a pen or a key or the softest breath carried past our lips have such an impact that friends, relatives and strangers can carry such words with them in their minds, to come along with us on a journey into our thoughts. In our darkest hours we must always remember to remain conscious that people have lived and died by words. I am a wife, mother, confidant and friend to many. There are no strangers in my world. Only friends that I have not yet had a chance to know. Sensually minded, self-educated, street wise, natural living, power tool wielding, minimalist mom with transcendental aspirations.
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4 Responses to a sacred wish

  1. meiro says:

    It’s really an honor, thank you so much my friend.

  2. Rex A. Druckenmiller says:

    Rex was here ! I’ve peeked, taking only a blink of a glimpse & gathered thoughts of how much there is to you. Your truly a bedazzled glimmer of radiant life. Your very existence just sparkles over many & brings all, an unexpected fulfillment of JOY !!! This I’m certain. Please always LOVE LIFE & LIVING LOVE WILL BE THE RADIANT “I” for you and all that be your near !!! Your giving is owning. I’m coming back again & again, being humbly honored to know such a beautiful creation sent to cross my path by God Almighty in Heaven.
    God sent me too,
    Rex Dog Rex
    P.S.(I send a kiss for your rosy red cheek)

    • You’re very sweet. Thank you. I’m just doing my best to shine a smile and support to those who remind me of the many blessings around us every moment. I’m humbled to be here with these beautiful spirits and grateful for the lessons shared. You’re a kindred spirit, Rex. I wish you the best. I’m glad that we’ve had the time to get to know each other. I’m looking forward to what the future may hold. I wish you the best on your travels. :)

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